Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello Sunday

Hello Kitty Pajamas
How you like my new Hello Kitty PJ's / sleepwear set? Super duper adorable pink Henley top and white hipster pants that are made of 100% polyester, keeping me so comfy and warm in the cold nights ❤

Black Sheer Top with Gold Buttons
I finally bought this Black Sheer Chiffon Button Down Blouse after eye-ing on it for months. Simply loved the way it embellished up the black with gold buttons.

Grandma Floral Dress
My natural long dark hair which takes me more than 15 minutes to blow dry.

Ferrero Rocher Bunny Packing for Easter
Do you still recall the Ferrero Rocher Easter egg gift box you've seen in my earlier post? Here's another in Easter bunny gift box *drools* I'm dying to try out those dark brown (Ferrero Rondnoir) and silver (Ferrero Garden) ones.

Homemade Cincau / Glass Jelly Sweet Soup
The ingredient I prepare to make cincau / glass jelly drink: yellow rock sugar, canned glass jelly (cut into small cubes), dried tapioca sticks (boiled and colored with red food coloring), rose syrup, and pandan leaves.

Homemade Cincau / Glass Jelly Sweet Soup
A refreshing ice-cold glass of cincau drink for the hot summer days is ready!!!

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