Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Cashout from Nuffnang

Second Cheque from Nuffnang Au
Who would have known, I made another cash-out from Nuffnang Australia in the consecutive month after I received the first one in January. Only this time, the envelope came in a little late into my mailbox, but guess what? It didn't fail to put any less smile on my face! *money eyes* I consider myself lucky enough. Apart from living a really dull life since I started this plain exhausting new job of mine (god knows how long would I be able to keep up with it but I'm trying hard here), I also get to expand my friend circle with a bunch of  Koreans who are very kind and friendly. And that makes learning Korean from them even more fun...

P.S. Thanks Nuffnang and every single one of you who ever supported me and my blog <3

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