Thursday, November 11, 2010

Special Chicken Rice Dinner

Chicken Rice Dinner: Chicken Rice 1

I just got a filling done on my wisdom tooth few days ago, which cost me almost 300 freaking Aussie dollars. And this coming Friday, I'll be going back to see the dentist again to fix the other wisdom tooth of mine. The damage estimated this time would be at least another 300 dollars *crestfallen with empty wallet* But don't worry, I'm gonna be alive and kicking as long as there's enough food and water for me =P Speaking of food, Cynthia has prepared some chicken rice for Jefry and us (the unexpected guests) on a special night.

Chicken Rice Dinner: Chicken Rice 2

There were two plates of Braised Chicken that practically looked the same, one with oyster sauce, and the other one is without. I personally love the oyster sauce's better! ❤

Chicken Rice Dinner: Cut Chillies

Cut chillies with minced garlic, lime juice, and light soy sauce.

Chicken Rice Dinner: White Romeo 1

The white one, Romeo Tan is a male.

Chicken Rice Dinner: Black Hannah 1

While the black one, Hannah Tan is a female.

Chicken Rice Dinner: Me and Romeo

I really love his fur, so soft and fluffy.

Chicken Rice Dinner: Dogs Training

They actually paid attention when my boi was "commanding" them to do tricks.

Chicken Rice Dinner: White Romeo 2

Aww, look at his black round eyes...

Chicken Rice Dinner: Black Hannah 2

Only food can catch her attention.

Chicken Rice Dinner: Vera

That's Vera webcam-ing with her loved one.


  1. wow!! 300 is quite exp.. erm.. is around rm900?

  2. Cute doggies!!! Does Romeo scratch on your stocking?

  3. eh..whose dogs are they? so cutee.
    and the chicken rice looks good too..:)

  4. ya,the dentist cost is freaking expensive,thats y before im going to NZ,i make sure all my teeth was in good condition,haha

  5. I like White Romeo too!!! Nice to hug? :P

  6. Yvon S:
    Yup, 1/3 of my wisdom tooth fell out when I was eating dinner few days ago. I got no choice but to get it done ASAP at the local dental centre =/

    BeverLy's Secret:
    Yeah, but only when we first entered the door. Three of them were too excited to see us I guess =D

    Melodii Cheang:
    The black and white ones belong to Cynthia's elder sister, Veny ;)

    As for the chicken rice, it doesn't just look good but taste great too! Hehe~ Our taste buds were in luck that day!

    I had to do it here cause I've been here for more than 3 years, and the last time I went for dental check-up was 3 years ago, when I was still back in Malaysia =P

  7. Emotionalistic:
    Very nice... soft and silky too!!!


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