Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Memories: Potluck For Jefry

Potluck Lunch: Mushroom Soup

Please allow me to remind you who Jefry is, if you've totally forget or have no idea about the friendly appearance of this person in my blog before. He is my bestie, Cynthia's sweet honey bee. During his short stay here in Toowoomba, we often organized potluck and outings together. And this was the lunch we had in the afternoon, before heading off to Newtown Park State Rose Garden for a little photo-shooting with the flowers and sun. Lots of good memories that we will always hold close to our hearts...

Potluck Lunch: Cucumber Drink

Something new to me, Pandan Flavored Cucumber Drink, very refreshing.
Unfortunately the careless "bartender" has missed out somebody when making the drinks *whistle*

Potluck Lunch: Stir Fried Green Veggie

Stir Fried Choy Sum with Dried Shrimps prepared by myself.
Not to forget that Mixed Mushrooms and Fishball Soup also (on the most top).

Potluck Lunch: Potato Chicken

Cynthia's Potato Chicken in Dark Soy Sauce was thumbs-up good.

Potluck Lunch: Combo Omelette

Special Combination Omelette, liked it!

Potluck Lunch: Yummy Food

A full table of dishes waiting to be devoured!
Yum, I miss all those food so so much, and of course I miss the persons who cooked them too ❤

Potluck Lunch: My Boi

Tsk, look at this "tam jiak" fella sitting there... Start scooping rice on the plates, will ya?! =p

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