Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Day in Brisbane

Queen Street Mall: Starbucks

We were in Brisbane yesterday, spent hours shopping at Queens Street Mall. Aren't you curious what's inside those packages I got from Nine West and GUESS outlets? Just stay tuned for my upcoming post! ;)

Brisbane Story Bridge

Passing the Brisbane's Story Bridge.

Brisbane River View

Magnificent river view of Brisbane CBD.

Brisbane River View

It's also a hot spot for rock climbers.

Brisbane River View

I really wish we could have more time to hang around at this place, but sadly we were in a rush to Chinatown to meet up with others.

Brisbane Chinatown

Here we are in the Chinatown of Brisbane!

Brisbane Chinatown

My boi was trying to locate the destination on the GPS.

Brisbane Chinatown: Happy Chef BBQ

Happy Chef BBQ Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant (百喜烧腊菜馆).

Brisbane Chinatown: Happy Chef BBQ

Groupie of everyone ;)

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