Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bye Bye Exams, Hi Hi Holidays

Yeppie!!! We've have eventually made it through the end of semester 2... I shall say bye bye to exams, say hi hi to summer holidays now! Aren't you feel happy for me? Late last night, there was an After-Exam Party going on at Cynthia's place. She invited most of us and her several other close friends to the party which was supposed to start at 10.30 pm. My boi and I arrived there a little bit late as it took me about an hour-long just to put on some light make-up (I'm just a beginner, please don't laugh at my filthy make-up, k? I've already tried my best, I really did). Anyway, this is just a quickie post to keep you updated and most importantly is to make sure that none of you would forget this chubby little face of mine. Happy Holidays ;)


  1. hehe...start to be mature and pretty girl~~^^

  2. Happy holidays to you too and enjoy yourself, gal ;).

  3. Happy Holidays to You and ur Boi. :)

  4. BadBoy:
    *blushes* Thank you, Eric xD

    Thanks sweetie, I'll enjoy my summer holidays to the fullest! *cuddle*

    Thanks ^^ Happy Holidays to you too!~


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