Sunday, November 8, 2009

Toowoomba to Texas: The Journey Goes Wild

Toowoomba to Texas

It was 4 am in the morning when I left my house and went on a working trip to Texas. The journey goes wild as we entered the highway before the break of the dawn.

Toowoomba to Texas: Inglewood

Along the roadside, there were so many wild animals like kangaroos and wallabies hopping here and there. And occasionally, they would hop across the highway. For this reason, we had to pay extra attention on both the road as well as the animals around us. We seriously do not wish to run into any of these adorable creatures! *fingers crossing* I'm glad we didn't ;)

Toowoomba to Texas

We've finally reached the small town of Texas after driving for two and a half hour.

Toowoomba to Texas

The destination of the day! We gonna spend the coming 9 to 10 hours working in this place.

Toowoomba to Texas

Its beautiful surroundings...

Toowoomba to Texas

A random beetle I found crawling on the wooden pillar.

Toowoomba to Texas

One of the most fascinating views in this area.

Toowoomba to Texas

Job's done and we're ready to hit the road again!

Toowoomba to Texas: Wyreema

Golden weed fields in Wyreema.

Toowoomba to Texas Map

This is the route / path we used to get there.


  1. Wow... all photos r really nice!!! :)

  2. ::yvonne::
    Thanks sweetie, the scenery there was really captivating!

    Hehe, it was a working trip. We went all the way from Toowoomba to Texas just to work xD

  3. :) Wonderful view. Just realized that you know Haan too! Hahaha... Ok, conclusion, Toowoomba is tiny. Everyone knows each other :P

  4. YT:
    Truuue! Toowoomba is a really really small town xD
    So, Haan is your coursemate or something?

  5. haha, long story. YT and I are from the same college in Penang, and she's my junior.

    Both of us came to USQ, started at different time, but used to be here at the same time :)

  6. texas...u mean at austin, texas?

    really nice pics ler...

  7. haan:
    That is a little complicated, but I think I got what you mean ;)
    Btw, it was nice bumping into you yesterday!~

    Nope, it's New South Wales's Texas, I'm still in Australia ^^


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