Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Shopping Mode

My "shopping mode" has been automatically turned ON lately, most probably due to the Christmas atmosphere around us. Come to think of it, Christmas Day is just four weeks (exactly one month) away from now. Don't you feel like shopping too? I bet you really do! And as promised in my earlier post, I'm gonna share those two items I got from Brisbane as well as the others I got in Toowoomba.

GUESS Patent Belt with Triple G Buckle

GUESS Patent Belt with Triple G Buckle.

Nine West Black Jamie

Nine West Jamie (Black Synthetic) Heels.

Revlon Falsies & Elite Hair Clip

Revlon 99500 Intensifying and 99503 Flirty maximum wear self adhesive eyelashes / falsie.

Elite Eyelash Curler

Elite Eyelash Curler and Hair Clip.

California Girl Artificial Nails & Bras N Things Transparent Bra Straps

California Girl Artificial Nails (02272) and Bras N Things Transparent Bra Straps.

Crown Necklace

My favorite crown necklace at the moment.

Feather Necklace

Feather necklace.

Dark Crystal Bracelet

Dark Crystal Bracelet, which is also my favorite.


  1. all items you bought??

    You really very good in shopping hahaha

    no planning come back to Malaysia???

  2. CH Voon:
    Yeah, I bought them as a reward for myself, been working really hard lately...

    Maybe just go back for holidays, I'll be back in M'sia on the coming Chinese New Year ^^

  3. 愉悦:
    谢谢你的拜访啦! xD


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