Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mini Halloween Party

Halloween Mini Party

Most of my friends around me know that I've been working really really hard lately. I'm sure you wouldn't wanna know how many hours I work in a week. And after work last night, we had a less-than-three-hour mini Halloween party over my place. None of these was planned as I was extremely tired and sleepless that day. But still, I wanna thank you all for showing up at my door.

Halloween Mini Party

We have no candy but to treat them alcoholic chocolates.

Halloween Mini Party

This black and white curly wig matches my clothing attire so perfectly ;)

Halloween Mini Party

Let's get the party started with some Wii sports games!

Halloween Mini Party

Cynthia and the "Three Musketeers".

Halloween Mini Party

It's my turn now...

Halloween Mini Party

Colorful glowing sticks. Happy Halloween!!!


  1. i thought there is some scare ghost face... mmm

    it is a happening night? In malaysia, i feel it is a bit calm...

  2. CH Voon:
    No time to make-up also >.<" By the time we finished our work, it was already 9 something.
    It's quite happening here, u know western countries...

  3. wah...colorful halloween celebration ... i miss this year halloween celebration ler...

  4. Omg the world is really small. I know Kenneth Tan :) Say hi to him for me. I haven't seen him for a very long time.

  5. vialentino:
    Aww, why is that?
    We didn't really celebrate it, just had a small gathering together.

    Haha, small world... I've already passed your regards to him ;)

  6. Iyak! whos that pretty gal neee.. I want to know her ;) the Japanese gal is it? send my regards.....

    Leng lui change your Avatar :) too dark and not so you liao :) wink wink

  7. Netster:
    Aiyo, that's my girlfriend, Cynthia and she's not Japanese @_@"

    What's wrong with my avatar? It looks colorful and I like it so much xD Hehe...


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