Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunnybank: Malaya Corner Restaurant

Sunnybank: Malaya Corner

After spending almost 2 crazy hours fooling around and playing games on the beach, everyone was completely tired out and wet to the skin. That was when we started to think of finding a place, just sit down, relax and enjoy a nice warming dinner together. Within half an hour or so, we drove all the way back from Surfers Paradise to Sunnybank.

Sunnybank: Malaya Corner

Left to right: Christina, Cloe, Sherry, Jojo, David, Benny, Jim, Nigel, Adam, Stephy, and my boi.

Sunnybank: Malaya Corner

A delicious and mouth watering Cheese Baked Seafood Rice.

Sunnybank: Malaya Corner

Extra Hot Sizzling Chilli King Prawns.

Sunnybank: Malaya Corner

While everybody else was busy eating and chit-chatting among themselves, I'm always the only one that's busy with the camera, taking photos of others...

Sunnybank: Malaya Corner

My skin is obviously tanned after exposing myself to the sun for long hours. What bothers me now is that it's gonna take a really, really long time for my skin to get back to normal. Now, this is what we call "no pain, no gain!"


  1. wah!
    melaya restaurant!
    miss there~~~~

  2. 我不知道你是怎么生活的 一个学生 这么rich 你来中国的大学看看 god damn it

  3. badboy:
    Hi badboy, so you must have been there, haven't you? Some of the dishes weren't too bad, but there wasn't really any that was spectacular.


  4. malaya corner...

    why no malaysia dishes one?

  5. Hehe, it's simply because we didn't order any of the Malaysian dishes, the taste will never be as good as the ones in Malaysia.


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