Sunday, October 5, 2008

Channelle's 2nd Birthday

*Note: Photos below are taken with Apple 3G iPhone.

Bamboo's Gathering Dinner

Today is Channelle's 2nd birthday party, all of us were invited to her belated birthday celebration held in Bamboo's. Alice was smiling happily as she was hugging Channelle so tightly in her arms.

Bamboo's Gathering Dinner

It's me posing with my new bikini and the new dress I bought from Darling Harbour Sydney.
Hmm, what do you think?

Bamboo's Gathering Dinner

Deep frying the mud crabs in hot oil.

Bamboo's Gathering Dinner

Thanks to Jim for bringing these fresh mud crabs all the way from Brisbane early in the afternoon.
Else, I think the dinner might need to be postponed again.

Bamboo's Gathering Dinner

Braised Pork Legs with Ground Nuts and Chinese Mushrooms.

Bamboo's Gathering Dinner

Braised Squids with Water Chestnuts and Pork Mince.

Bamboo's Gathering Dinner

The dishes above are specially brought by Benny, the father of a son and a daughter. Thank you!


  1. chubby girl your life is full of color,

  2. Thanks, but I'm sure everybody has their own unique lifestyle that is as colorful as mine.


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