Saturday, June 30, 2012

My First Vegan Experience in Toowoomba

First Vegan Experience at PLLC Toowoomba
I had the itch to go vegetarian today. Knowing that there is this get-together dinner happening somewhere in the Pure Land Learning College (PLLC) on Saturdays, I earnestly begged Mr. Choo to take me along with him. I'm a Taoist, not considering myself a faithful follower or believer, but I do comply with certain taboos which have been handed down for generations in my family, such as eating vegetarian on an occasional basis.

First Vegan Experience at PLLC Toowoomba
Queue-ing for food. We arrived at around 5 and there was already a big crowd of people standing and waiting in the dining hall.

First Vegan Experience at PLLC Toowoomba
The vegetarian buffet which cost us absolutely nothing.

First Vegan Experience at PLLC Toowoomba
Light and simple meal for dinner. Let's see, I've got a little bit of fried mushrooms, green leafies, curried cabbage, stir-fry chayote, and fried rice.

First Vegan Experience at PLLC Toowoomba
It was very thoughtful of them to get these sweet and savory snacks ready on the tables, but the Swiss rolls and cookies were really just too sweet. Drinks and fruits are also available, in case you wanna know.

First Vegan Experience at PLLC Toowoomba
We kinda stuck in there for a while afterwards. Erm, you know, it doesn't seem appropriate to leave when someone was in the middle of a speech.


  1. Excellent post Christina. I am a vegetarian and its nice to read about good quality vegetarian food in all places. Thanks.
    Varshaa [from Papua New Guiena]

    1. Thanks Varshaa ;) So are you a full-time vegetarian?


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