Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Olé Spanish Restaurant Southbank: Early Birthday Celebration Dinner

Olé Spanish Restaurant Soutbank
A birthday getaway can't be complete without a romantic candlelight dinner with Mr. Choo at Olé, a Spanish restaurant located in the heart of Brisbane's South Bank. We came on foot, approximately 20 minutes walk away from Queen Street Mall. It was a chilly and windy evening, certainly too chilly and windy for a stroll along the South Bank Parklands, but I survived having Mr. Choo around to keep my hands warm. Out of so many other restaurants, we've picked Olé, thinking that we had never tried Spanish cuisine before. Great ambiance, very nice food presentation and flavors I would say.

Olé Spanish Restaurant Soutbank
Hehe, spotted me already wearing the Mirabelle Fur Stole Coat from Forever New. Super love ❤ this single breasted baby doll jacket with detachable faux fur stole and satin bow.

Olé Spanish Restaurant Soutbank
Menus in Spanish, thank goodness there were English descriptions shown under each individual item. It's crucial 'cause at least, we still have a little heads up about what we were ordering. Well, forget about the pronunciation part, pointing is just equally efficient! ;p

Anchoveta y Queso Azul (Anchovies, Blue Cheese and Mint on Sourdough Toast). I never liked the taste or smell of blue cheese, but this one here really took me by surprise and got me starting to enjoy the dish a bit more.

Olé Spanish Restaurant Soutbank
I couldn't help but notice that guy behind me, we named him the Brian McFadden look-alike, kept smiling at our camera whenever Mr. Choo snapped a photo of me T_T

Olé Spanish Restaurant Soutbank
Pulpo con Chorizo (Grilled Octopus, Chorizo, Fresh Lime, Parsley and Tomato). The saltiness of Chorizo, the sweetness of grilled octopus as well as the sourness of cherry tomato and lime juice, simply electrifying!

Olé Spanish Restaurant Soutbank
Martini for Mr. Choo. I'm sure he can handle more than just a glass.

Olé Spanish Restaurant Soutbank
Aceitunas Fritas (Deep Fried Crumbed Olives Stuffed with Cheese), lovingly suggested by the lady who took our order. I love olives, from pickled to dried, and I really felt for the succulent combination of olives and melting cheese.

Olé Spanish Restaurant Soutbank
Here comes the $19 dish with four proportionately large prawns.

Olé Spanish Restaurant Soutbank
Gambas al Ajillo (Prawns Grilled with Garlic, Chilli and Lime). Prawns were fresh and grilled to perfection, however, the portion was less generous for a ración.

Olé Spanish Restaurant Soutbank
See how busy the restaurant was on a freezing cold Saturday night.

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  1. d food looks nice, just a bit too small portion..

    1. Hi Johnny, yeah... I think the same too ;)


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