Saturday, May 12, 2012

Highlights of the Week

Outfit of the Day: Full of Hearts
My third post in May, which basically sums up the highlights of the entire week last week, as well as today. Be mindful because you're about to be loaded with excessive pictures of my sweet smiles, besides a collection of the good food I had. The worst part is, those extra calories have already turned into fats, and making themselves so comfortable under my skin now >.< I went for an eye test this afternoon, the Optometrist said I did a great job maintaining my eyesight for the past 5 or probably 7 years *flattered* Oh yeah, I've been wearing the same old geeky glasses for years and it's time for a change! Thanks Mr. Choo, for giving me such a wonderful yet practical birthday pressie this year.  

Outfit of the Day: Full of Hearts
One sluggish afternoon that I did not feel like cooking at all... We dined out.

Home Cooked Potluck Dinner
Some of the Korean and Chinese dishes prepared by me and my friends on potluck nights. It could be fun sometimes, exchanging recipes from different cultures, other than your own.

Home-cook Dinner
My BB tasting Cheese Ddeokbokki, the popular Korean snack food made by JongIn.

Good Morning!
My goldfish face.

Sunny Day: Nice and Warm
Loving the sunny days in Toowoomba ♥

My Favorite Guava Fruit
Look what have I got for myself today? It's a big (size of my palms) apple guava aka jambu which cost us $5.50. Okay, it's pricey, I know, but I was just too desperate to nom on my favorite fruit of all time!

Ribbon Ballerina Flats
The ribbon ballerina flats I wore to Brissie the other day. My feet looked so fair and smooth here with sheer nude pantyhose on.

Home Cooked Seafood Fried Noodle
Home-cook Seafood Yee Mee (Fried Noodles). Not to say that I'm a born-to-be chef, but the taste turned out to be pretty authentic and delicious *clap clap*

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