Friday, August 12, 2011

DKNY Ladies Watches: My Obsession

One thing I love about DKNY ladies watches, apart from its sparkling diamante accents and gorgeous looks, is that they (not sure if all of them are, but at least the three that I've got) do come with conveniently self-adjusting links to create your own size, anytime in just a snap of fingers!

DKNY NY4645 Women's Watch
Something I've got for myself.
Everybody deserves a little reward once in a while, don't you think?

Manufacturer: DKNY
MPN: NY4645
Item: Stainless Steel Stone Set Circle Link Bracelet Watch
Description: A fashion watch with inherent manufactured quality. All stainless steel with four round stone set links that lead to the 2.6cm diameter case, stone set white dial and silver effect styling. Water resistant 50m.

DKNY NY4814 Women's Watch
Little gift for sissy who's getting married at the end of this year.
Sis, please tell me that you're not reading this post o(>﹏<)o

Manufacturer: DKNY
MPN: NY4814
Item: Stainless Steel Stone Set Crossover Bangle Bracelet Watch
Description: The front crossovers are dotted with a double row of stones, making this a very attractive with its 2.2cm rectangular case and silver effect features. A bangle from the front, adjustable for fit and security from the back. Water resistant 30m.

DKNY NY4442 Women's Watch
Graduation present from my BB last year, which also comes with a DKNY bangle
(No photo of the bangle unless requested) Sorry guys, I'm feeling kinda lazy today ;p

Manufacturer: DKNY
MPN: NY4442
Item: Stainless Steel Stone Set Link Bracelet Watch
Description: A glamorous ladies time piece with a polished stainless steel link adjustable bracelet encrusted with large precious stones within some of the links. Its has an oblong shaped polished stainless steel case with a silver dial, precious stones replacing the numbers twelve and six, silver colored hand movements and markings. Water resistant 30m.

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