Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Three Cs in Brissie

Sunnybank: Landmark Restaurant (枫林大酒楼)
The shop-and-eat trip down to Brisbane was really fun yesterday, especially with the girls. My little tummy felt totally bloated after a heavy brunch at the Landmark Restaurant (枫林).

Sunnybank: Colour Rain Salon

While waiting for our friend to fix his stuff, Vera and I both had our hair trimmed and styled at Colour Rain, a Korean hair salon recommended by her. I bet you couldn't spot the difference much, could you? ;p

Sunnybank: Colour Rain Salon

Cynthia later on joined us and permed her hair as well. Very nice girls!~ Now let's move on to Queens Street, where we spent our whole day shopping ;)

Queen Street: Guess Outlet

Standing happily in front of GUESS outlet with full hands of shopping bags, but none was mine. Yeah, you heard me right, I got myself nothing, nothing at all =/

Sunnybank: The Little Cube (千里香私房菜)
In the late evening, we were back to Sunnybank Plaza once again for some groceries and dinner at The Little Cube (千里香私房菜).

Sunnybank: The Little Cube (千里香私房菜)
We ordered a full table of Szechuan / Sichuan dishes, authentically delicious but they were just way too much for us.

Sunnybank: The Little Cube (千里香私房菜)
Our meals were served quickly after like 5 minutes? Impressive!

Sunnybank: The Little Cube (千里香私房菜)
Feeling tired already...

Sunnybank: The Little Cube (千里香私房菜)
Have a peek at our mouth-watering choices that night, tofu (蟹黄豆腐), jelly fish (凉拌海蜇), duck (酸菜老鸭炒蚕豆米), eggplant (鱼香茄子), and soft shell crab (香葱软壳蟹). They were all strong-flavored, could be a little too strong for people who prefer less salty and spicy food.

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  1. i wanna get a hair cut but not sure which place to entrust my hair to lol
    is colour rain good?

    1. Hi, yeah. It's my favorite place for haircut and coloring in Brissie =)

  2. hi is color rain a Korean salon and which hair stylist did you use? Is it opposite the Taiwanese hair salon called Danny?

  3. Hey there!! :)
    I recently moved to Sunnybank and I just wanted to know if Colour rain was any good at hair colouring? I originally had super dark brown hair. Then I dyed it medium brown, then balayage, and then black. Now I want to get balayage done again. But I've got no idea who to go to ): Please help a sister out?


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