Friday, August 19, 2011

Parcel from Myer Cairns

Parcel from Myer Cairns
Yay! My parcel has finally arrived, aaaaaaaaaaaalll the way from Myer Cairns!
That's like 1,709 kilometres away from the place I'm living in.
*unwrapping the parcel with the excitement of a child at Christmas*

Parcel from Myer Cairns
It's the Lipstik Darva Stone Platform Sandal which I've been expecting since last Thursday.

Lipstik Darva Stone Platform Sandal
They're in the right size, right color, and in perfectly good condition.

Lipstik Darva Stone Platform Sandal
I was thinking of either calling them or going to Myer myself to enquire about the sandals, if I still don't get them today. And you know what? I'll be wearing them to my bestie's birthday party next coming Monday ;-)

Lipstik Darva Stone Platform Sandal
Well, what do you think? What colors go best with them, other than black and white?

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