Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shopping for Spring

Spring Outfits

Outfit #1. Nice cutting and floral print (me like spring-feel dresses), but they ran out of my size. You should check out the back of this dress! Too bad that I can't show you here, cause the one I was wearing is actually one size smaller, couldn't zip it to the top =S

Outfit #2. Very slim-fitting! It not only shows your beautiful curves but also things underneath that shouldn't be shown. I've tried the one in red color before, remember? If only it came in thicker fabric, I'd definitely go for it.

Outfit #3. Love both the dressy top (style that I wanted to try for so long) and bottom, very elegant-looking. I only bought the pants since my BB complained about the color of the top doesn't really look good on me ='[

What about you guys and girls? Are you spring cleaning your wardrobe as well, like I am?

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