Saturday, June 26, 2010

Prawn Mee Tonight!

Prawn Mee Tonight: Prawn Mee

Next week onwards, you'd be expecting more updates (at least more than one update per week) from me, fingers crossed. Exam has finally come to an end, assignment is done too, what's left? My eighty pages dissertation writing which will be due in less than two weeks from now ='(

Prawn Mee Tonight

Home-made Prawn Mee (Prawn Noodle) and Spring Rolls prepared by the Cynthia sisters, with the help from Richmond, San, Bev, and Daren (not so sure about preparation as we only arrived at around 7 plus).

Prawn Mee Tonight: Me and My BB

Although I didn't eat much lately, but I think I've put on some weight *frown*

Prawn Mee Tonight: Drinking Game

After dinner, my BB played drinking games with the others.
While me on the other hand, was busy playing with Cynthia's baby xD

Prawn Mee Tonight: Me and Hippie

Hippie seemed to enjoy sitting on my lap so much, he'd do that every time we came here =)

Prawn Mee Tonight: Hippie

Emo Hippie felt neglected by her mummy...


  1. Prawn mee!!! That's my favorite noodle in Penang :).

  2. ho lioa ler....ur prawn mee looks delicious than outside one...seriously joke!

  3. emotionalistic:
    Yeah, Hokkien Mee right?! Penang always has the best food xD

    Because it has extra "ingredients" in it? hehe~


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