Monday, April 26, 2010

Potluck Sunday

Potluck Sunday: Christina & Bev 1

These are some "interesting" photos taken during the potluck dinner over Belinda's place last night. Thank you so much girl for the invitations, and hope you'd like the birthday pressie we've got for you ;)

Potluck Sunday: Christina & Bev 2

Bev and I, shot #2

Potluck Sunday: Christina & Bev 3

Bev and I, shot #3

Potluck Sunday: Girls

Getting ready for dinner, Y.A.Y!~

Potluck Sunday: Kimchi Cabbage

Kimchi Cabbage by Melodii, it's kinda spicy to me but still I had a lot of them ♥

Potluck Sunday: Pumpkin Dish

Pumpkin Dish by Belinda. Pumpkin is always my favorite, especially my mom's Pumpkin with Salty Fish Rice ♥

Potluck Sunday: Prawn Omelette

Prawn Omelette by Bev, very soft the omelette ♥

Potluck Sunday: Lamb Curry

Belinda's Curry Lamb, looks delicious ♥

Potluck Sunday: Chinese Spinach

Stir Fried Chinese Spinach with Pork, my first dish ♥

Potluck Sunday: Chicken omelette

Chicken Omelette, my second dish ♥

Potluck Sunday: Bittermelon Dish

My third dish, Stir Fried Bittermelon with Chicken Mince, I accidentally made it a little too salty though ♥

Potluck Sunday: Cookies

Darren's cookies, hard like rock but at least he baked them with his heart ♥

Potluck Sunday: Chocolate Cupcakes

Kitt Yeng's Chocolate Cupcakes, a little too sweet the toppings but still nice ♥

Potluck Sunday: Egg Tarts

Li San's Egg Tarts, the fillings are quite tasty actually ♥

Potluck Sunday: Trio 2

My boi, he's such a photo bomber =.="

Potluck Sunday: Trio 1

See how playful he is?

Potluck Sunday: Groupie 1

Girls groupie #1

Potluck Sunday: Groupie 2

Girls groupie #2

Potluck Sunday: Groupie 3

Girls groupie #3


  1. i have one serious question to ask...
    when you alot of eating party and you still not fat one?

    wah... your boy look bit crazy hahaha cute mimic.

    er... why that girl always make like sailormoon one? have to say look like boy la... (i not mention who ... hehe)

    Pretty contest again? who is going to final round!

  2. CH Voon:
    We do have quite a lot of dinner party lately, but I usually don't eat as much as I cooked, or I rather say that I eat very little only =P

    LoL~ my boi is so good at mimicking others, especially girls!

    Huh? Like Sailormoon? Mind to tell me who? =x

    I told you before and now I'm telling you again, there wasn't any beauty contest going on T_T


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