Friday, April 2, 2010

Dinner with Lots of Wontons

Home-cook: Deep Fried Wontons

Six of us had two big plates of home-made Deep Fried Wontons for dinner and supper last night. A big round of applause to my boi, Darren and Ah Fong for their "hard work" and contributions :)

Home-cook: Steamed Choy Sum

Belinda, on the other hand, has made us some of the dishes like Steamed Choy Sum with Oyster Sauce...

Home-cook: Soy Sauce Chicken

Soy Sauce Chicken
Apparently, my tummy was too full to "accommodate" any of these :S

Home-cook: Raddish Soup

Radish and Carrot Soup
Very nice and I love dipping the radish pieces or sometimes winter melon / yellow (over-mature) cucumber with soy sauce, yum yum =D~

Home-cook: Sambal Prawns

And the most spicy dish of the night, Sambal Prawns!


  1. omg, you're making me hungry in the office again! *drools* I love fried wantans!

  2. emotionalistic:
    Haha, try not to read my blog next time when you're feeling hungry :P

    I love wontons too! <3 Both deep fried and soup also very nice~


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