Friday, August 31, 2007

Wonderful Dinner

Hehe, this would be my 1st attempt at cooking chicken drumstick in sweet chilli sauce but it turns out to be so nice =P glad that my boi really enjoyed it. I think there'll be a great improvement in my cooking skill since I'm cooking here everyday and it's gonna last for another 1 year =x

So, if there's any recipe that you would like to share with me, please do advise me as I'm running outha idea for me & my boi's daily meals >.<" Recently, we've been busy with our assignments. We gonna pay a visit to Australia's largest & most traditionally designed Japanese stroll garden which belongs to USQ.


  1. Hey sorry long time no visit! *So shameful of me* I got new blog and I linked you already! Link me ya at I'm still using the one so don't delete that. Thanks!!

  2. Hey gurl, welcome *huggiez* I've added ur new link too, congratz ^^

  3. Oops! You linked me wrongly oh! Hehehe! Anyway those food really looks so tempting... *slurp slurp* I wanna eat!!! *Go cook maggi mee!*

    Thanks for the link!!

  4. Whoopsie =.=" I'll edit it now, sorry 4 da mistake >.<" enjoy ur meal! =D

  5. now start to feel so hungry,

  6. yum yum yum!!!! I like to cook too... Miss M'sian food too!!! *cry*

  7. You have a very nice blog here; I am also Christina and I also love pink and angels!:)
    My primary blog is pretty pink too:)
    Wishing you a great time in Australia, and all the best:)
    Btw, you are a good cook;)

  8. jjzai: Hehe, I'm feelin hungry as well =X Taking biscuits as my lunch =.="

    Bell: Hi Bell, any good recipe 2 share with me?

    Christy: Hi Christina, nice meeting u there. I've visited ur blog and yeah it's really pinkish LoL! Thx 4 ur wish & compliment. Hope 2 see u here more often ^^

  9. Of course I will; hehe, like your blog too and was surprised at how similarly we love pink and angels..LOL!
    *Perhaps the Christina linked us...haha*
    I have my food blog too; but I am a pickyeater lar...hehe...
    Nice meeting you:)

  10. Haha, it's faith! =D which blog would u like 2 exchange link with??? I'm impressed that u can actually maintain so many blogs at a time?

  11. Hehe...I just love writing, it's sort of a my passion since young..I love reading too;)
    I have more blogs than the ones on blogger...haha, crazy me:p

    You can link whichever blog you like;)
    The angel blog is my primary blog:)

  12. Did u mean ? I've linked this one since its ur main blog. Thankz ^^

  13. omggggggggggggg@ so cantik ur dishes all!

    come back can start franchise lawan oldtown d. lol!!


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