Saturday, August 4, 2007

Day 25 in Australia: LAN + Pizza Party

Hi y'all, guess what I'm doing right now? I'm in Justin's house again for the LAN + Pizza Party which started from 5p.m. just now. Well, I just had a very yummylicious domino's seafood pizza with my boi while they were having break, so many fresh prawns on top!!! Aww, I miss seafood especially crabbies!!!~ *sniff sniff*

I had a really bad sleep last night, most probably due to the baked curry chickens which my boi made for me yesterday. Luckily, my boi has bought me some medicine for sore throat when we were shopping in Clifford Gardens. We've bought quite a lot of things within these 2 days but mostly daily products, food and some other stuff needed for uni.

Bad news!!! I've formatted my hdd again and installed Ubuntu for my study purpose. My back-up files are all in my external hdd but not my laptop now >.<" How silly I was trying to upload photos but couldn't find any of them here LoL =P

I've been told by my sis that recently Penang has been raining quite often? Y'all must take care of yourself so that you won't fall sick like me =x Yesterday's weather was not so cold, I loved it pretty much but today... it turns out to be cold again, sigh!~ It's freaking cold now!!!


  1. huah.... ur having a great time... Dominos in aussie :P... Ubuntu... hmmm i would wanna try linux.. but no idea once i installed it :P

  2. LoL, yeah it tastes different, lotsa different!!! Hehe, I'm taking a course regarding linux scripting =.="


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