Monday, August 27, 2007

Porridge + 辣腐乳

Raining season has finally came to an end after a long wearing week. It was slightly hot this morning when I first wake up, feeling good in such a bright & sunny day =D Another thing to feel relief about is... I've finally passed up my assignment last night with no regret cause I really did try my best to answering every single one of the question & exercise.

I'm doing great here in Toowoomba, as u can see on the above =P That's me & my boi's yummylicious dinner! Mixed porridge which contains minced mushrooms, ham, carrots, & beans served with preserved chilli bean curds (辣腐乳). Isn't it suitable for a chilling night?

I miss my family so much especially my mom & sis. They went for birthday celebration in Han Nan Town @ Port Swettenham, Penang without me *sob sob* How I miss those delicious local food in Penang >.<"


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaa.. moey! sedapnya!

  2. Hehe, it's da richest porridge I ever had!


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