Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Misty Day in Toowoomba

Spring Street Park

USQ (University of Southern Queensland)

Taken few shots of this morning's view when we were walking back from uni. It was so cold but fortunately not so windy compare to night time especially tonight. Everywhere was surrounded by mist...

Uni Plaza (right in front of Student Village)

Photos above were taken using Sony Ericsson K550i. 


  1. Kiss kiss!!

    Waaah long time I never come to ur bloggie *shy*

    Penang food is NICE! But I cannot stand the hot weather... :(

    Yummy...feel like eating now!

  2. *muackz* good 2 see u again ^^ LoL, I can't no longer taste those yummy food in Penang *sob sob*

  3. your post makes me think of USQ and Twb... have your good time there.

  4. Haha, I'm sure you'll miss this place a lot =D Thanks!


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