Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life in Australia

Yay, finally get our own internet connection at home!~ Now I can spend more time online, blogging, blah blah blah... but most important thing is to keep in touch with my dearest friends & family =D

It has been raining for the pass 2 days, this would be the 3rd time raining ever since I'm here in Toowoomba. I'm so glad that I've finally recovered from flu & sore throat after consuming a total of 250ml Bisolvon Chesty (oral liquid that breaks down mucus & helps clear the chest).

Hehe, just had a big bowl of 番薯糖水(sweet potatoes) with my boi, 3rd time cooking this dessert but already get bored with the flavor =_=" At the bottom, there are photos of some dishes I've cooked previously. As for those photos posted on the above, they were taken during Miss Indy Competition in USQ Club last week.


  1. hi. thanks for visiting my blog...
    however as much as you would like to tell all and see all,

    its actually much more safer that you do not reveal names or identities of the place that you are living at, or the uni where you are studying.

    we don't know who is lurking around these websites. and yes, i have seen you around in student village.

  2. Haha, thx for da kind advice. I'm alrite here. Nice meeting u btw...


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