Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 10 in Australia: Not So Cold but Still Cold

A very warm bear hug to everyone who's missing me and whom I'm missing right now especially my family. I think I'll get to update my blog more often in the coming days cause my boi will apply for broadband service soon. He bought a wireless router last night at AUD 135 from a PC workshop in front of Student Village, the owner and the seller of this shop both come from M'sia but they didn't really give us any discounts even though we've asked for it, how cruel >.<"

It was so cold and windy yesterday especially night time where you can't even get to feel your face, your fingers and your toes when you step outha your house. Luckily the weather gets better today, we woke up quite early to deal with our enrollment issues with USQ Student Services but still we can't find any solution and we're required to come back on the next coming Monday at 11 a.m.

I gotta make a move to refectory (aka cafeteria or canteen) now, cause my boi wanna have a check on his banking account. I wonder why they call it refectory instead of cafeteria or others LoL. Alrighty, will catch up with y'all soon. Take care & miss ya! *Muackz*

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