Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 20 in Australia: CS LAN Party

Last night, I went to Justin's house with my boi and another 3 of my coursemates (KP, KDM, and Desmond). Justin was one of our mentors during the orientation week, he has been friendly and kind to everyone of us.

Back to the topic, why did we go to Justin's house? LoL, we were there for a "CS (Counter Strike) LAN Party". Most of them are Asians, Malaysians to be exact! I wonder if there's only Asians interested in such activity? Maybe...

The party started at 9 something, they really enjoyed & had fun playing with new gamers. I believe my boi did enjoy the "party" too even though he didn't play CS for quite a long time. I was just there watching & seeing everybody having fun cause it ain't really my type of game.

My boi & I left early at around 12 plus, again it was cold & windy. I don't think we gonna do that again, LoL! Okie dokie, that's all for now, gotta go home cause I'm the house keys holder here. See ya! *muackz* *huggiez*

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