Thursday, July 5, 2007

Back and Still Breathing!~

Finally back from a "long" hiatus, four days might seem short to you but it's actually long and hard for me to pass my days without blogging. I'm a blog-addict, internet-addict, computer-addict, pink-addict, boiboi-addict, movie-addict... LoL, funny ain't it? I don't know if there's such words exist. Haha!

I've been spending my own sweet time watching tally, house-keeping, back-packing, sleeping, missing my boi, thinking about my blog... Oops, did I miss something out? Ooh yeah, *huggiez* I've been missing every single one of you *muackz* Hehe, touching? =P

There's some "shocking" things happened in ShoutOut when I first greet the shouters who were chatting in this late afternoon. They seem to be into "licking" instead of saying "hi" or "hello", weirdo huh? I have no idea what has happened in the past few days but this can really implicate the meaning of "long" as lots of "mysterious" things could happen within a short period of time.

Here, I'd like to thank Angeline for inviting me to her farewell party with the fellow shouters. Also, thanks Kah Peng for sms-ing me so "early" about this event. Dear Angeline, I wish you all the best in your studies in UM, me and the rest of the shouters will miss you for sure, take care and have a safe journey tomorrow! *huggiez*

*blink blink* About farewell, right? Hehe, is anyone gonna or wanna farewell for me? LoL *blushes* I know I shouldn't have asked this question but in case you wanna "yumcha" with me before I fly off to Aussie, just drop me a line or text me, k? I'll be pretty busy for these coming few days, so remember to make an appointment with me first. Ahem, just kidding =D

I'm so tired rite now, laying on the bed like a "dead fish" with my sauna belt on. You must be thinking what have I done for the whole day long, right? I woke up early in this morning to "take over" my mommy's kindergarten tuition class. How early is early? It was 6 something when my mommy woke me up! I can't sleep, can't wait to meet my boi whom I've been missing so much >.<"

Teaching kindergarten kids could be fun but it's tiring as well. Never ever scold or raise your voice in front of the kids cause they might cry and you might scare them off. LoL, I'm not talking about myself, me the other way around have used my gentle voice to teach them with no scolding, no voice raising but how come my throat is feeling so pain now?! Perhaps, I'm really not a "teacher material"! Muahaha =D

Around 10 something, my boi reached my hometown with a bad news. There was a fire in the town area in my hometown. Part of the shops and houses have burnt down into ashes, people crying with tears and so much pain about their loses. I think there was no injuries or death, God bless! After I'm done with the tuition class and packing, me & my boi head back to Penang (Queensbay Mall to be exact).

It was already late afternoon, so we had our dinner there and bought something before we left. I was wondering why is the parking lots so full today?! It's only Wednesday dude!!! In the evening, we spent our time "shopping" in Farlim night market from 7.30 until 10 something.

The area is really huge, we walked slowly from one row to another comparing prices and products before we actually buy it. This is how a wise customer should be doing, agree? =P BenjiPapa claims that he saw me at the night market but he couldn't get to greet me cause I was walking too fast? I don't know, some other people might think I walk as slow as a tortie!~


Dear readers,

Thanks for all your lovely comments and continual visits.
Hope I'll see you again soon! (✿◠‿◠)


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