Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 7 in Australia: Serious Skin Problems

Hi everybody, sorry that I can't get to online for the pass whole week, there's no internet connection provided in the place I stay which is Student Village. I'm currently sharing a 5 rooms house with my boi, one of my coursemates, and another 2 Indian guys from India. At first I thought that it was just a 3 rooms villa but then everything changed when we get here.

Everything here is very expensive compared to Malaysian products, if you keep on comparing the prices with the exchange rates, you couldn't even buy a single thing here. The first few days was tough for me, even until today. The weather is extremely cold, about 5 degrees and it's very cold at night and in the morn, you will hate it when u go outha your room or even hate it when you wanna take bath.

I got quite serious skin problems here since last Saturday, my skin is very dry and causes itching, now whole body is very itchy and full with red dots cause I scratched it too much until I've hurt myself. My noise is pain, lips are dry, my body doesn't feel right at all but don't worry about my condition cause I've seen doctor this morn and she gave me some advises on how to deal with my current condition. I'm advised to consume 2-3 litres of water a day in such cold weather! That will really keep me busy walking to the washroom every 10 minutes.

Aww, how I miss Malaysia... the food, the weather, cinema, my family and every other things there. The first day I reached here, I just ate 2 pieces of bread, now everyday also eating so little until I've lose quite some weight. The room I stay doesn't really have ceiling fan, air-con or heater, so for the pass few days we've spent our time walking for 4-5 km in the cold and wind days to buy our daily goods, sounds pity ain't it? I don't think I'll get internet access for the coming few days as I'm still going under orientation for this week but I'll try my best to keep all of you updated. Take Care & love y'all!


  1. *huggles* take time to get use with the new environment.

    Take care! Hope to see more update from u gal..

  2. Thx anna 4 ur warm bear hug =P 5 more weeks 4 winter 2 end!!! u t/c 2! ^^


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