Thursday, July 5, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard


Live Free or Die Hard is the ultimate summer action ride. In a season overflowing with CGI Fantasy, Love Free or Die Hard gets real - with real action, real humor and a relatable everyman hero: John McClane. On the July 4th holiday, an attack on the vulnerable United States infrastructure begins to shut down the entire nation. The mysterious figure behind the scheme has figured out every modern angle - but he never figured on an old-school "analog" fly in the "digital" ointment. Bruce Willis is John McClane. No mask. No cape. No problem.

(Source: Die Hard 4.0 Official Website)

Interesting Trivias :

  • Jessica Simpson auditioned unsuccessfully for the role of 'Bruce Willis (I)' 's daughter. She can be seen on the way to the audition and coming out of the audition in the "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica" (2003) episode "Mismatched Threesome".
  • Justin Timberlake was in talks to play John McClane's son.
  • Bruce Willis's stunt double, Larry Rippenkroeger, was seriously injured when he fell 25 feet to the pavement. He suffered broken bones in his face and fractures in both wrists.
This film is filled with superb direction, fantastic acting, groundbreaking special effects and clever quirps that will leave you almost nothing to complain about. Die Hard may very well be the best action flick of 2007! The most famous lines in action film history "Yippy Ki-ya Motha ******!" said by Bruce Willis was censored in order to meet the censorship in local cinemas.




One thing that I really don't understand and can't tolerate is why most of the Chinese girls (Asian) always act as a Japanese cheeks in Hollywood films?! Chinese is Chinese, Japanese is Japanese, can't they tell the difference?!


  1. muahahaha

    1st here...

    i remember long long time ago i watch the 1,2 n 3...

    now this 4 sure cant missed, but i 4get the 1,2 n 3 story lo...

  2. Hi dexter, I never watch neither 1,2 nor 3 but 4 is just nice even w/o knowing the previous stories. ^^

  3. yea.. i havent even watched 1 2 and 3...gotta go search for that...
    nice pinky blog here... mine's all messy dy..^^

  4. Hey blueapple, thx 4 dropping by. Tell me what do u think after u watch 3 of them. Hehe...

  5. die hard 4 nice leh..
    i finished download last week...
    watch liao... really nice...

  6. swt, u downloaded da movie? y didn't u watch it in da cinema? >.<" better effect ^^


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