Saturday, July 28, 2007

Day 18 in Australia: Missing Malaysian Food

Howdy, how's everyone doing on this relaxing Saturday evening? It's freezing cold here, the strong wind could actually make your body feel numb. As usual, nothing special happened in the pass few days, keep on repeating the same routines everyday like sleeping, cooking, schooling, watching drama...

I was wanted to upload some photos but somehow forgotten to resize them before I come here >.<" What a dummy!~ Last night, all in a sudden I feel like eating "Leng Chi Kang", "Ais Kacang", and other "Tong Shui" I used 2 have in Malaysia. I feel like going back to Penang *sob sob*

*slap* I shouldn't mention or even think about it!!! It was my dream coming over here to study, now it has come true and I should appreciate it instead of complaining =x Hehe, I understand that every single beginning is hard 所谓,“万事起头难 ” ~ Keep holding on, just stay strong... ~ Gambateh to myself and see u guys around!

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