Sunday, July 8, 2007

Spent Hours in Penang

*Muackz* Hi y'all, I'm back in Penang for just a few hours. Wondering why? Cause my mommy will have a "洗尘" dinner for me and my boi as we gonna leave Malaysia on 10th of July. How's everyone feeling today? I'm feeling great here cause all of my stuff is packed properly and I'll be flying off with no worries anymore.

By the way, it seems like Penang Island is getting more hazy today, did u realize that? When I was on the way coming back to Penang, the traffic at the Penang toll was so jam. We stuck there for quite a long time and finally get here at 5 something.

I'll get back to y'all as soon as I reach Bangkok. Remember to visit my blog often, k? Hehe, miss y'all & take care!~


  1. awww...gona miss chris so so much T.T!!!

  2. I came back from penang to.. ate alots of durian.. very cheap.. RM10 for 16 durian.. cheap right?

  3. bon voyage christina!! i'll keep visiting your blog for updates, haha..=)

  4. Hey you and boy take care k ;)


  5. u guys take care..

    will be waiting for ur updates.. :)

  6. Thanks 4 every1's comments. I'm currently doing find in Australia. Will alwayz take a good care of myself. C ya~


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