Monday, November 28, 2011

Whisper The Maltase

Those who do not know me well, might not know that I'm actually more like a dog person than cat. I love small-breed dogs, Maltase particularly. Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier are cute too! It was love at the first sight when I first met Whisper, my blogger friend's baby daughter. How I wish I had an exact same one, but I guess I'm still not financially and mentally prepared at this stage. That left me with the option to play with other's first, in order to quench my thirst.

Whisper The Maltase
Where's mama taking me to?
Whisper The Maltase
I'm missing daddy already T.T

Whisper The Maltase
Why did he leave me here ='(

Whisper The Maltase
I'm hungry, mama... and can I have my favorite cheese please >.<

Whisper The MaltaseNgom, ngom, ngom...

Whisper The Maltase
Thanks, mama!!! <3 I feel like taking a nap now *yawn*

Whisper The Maltase
Just excuse me, will ya?! *woof woof*

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