Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress Hunting and the Ultimate Cheesy Bites Pizza

Gurney Plaza Penang: Bridesmaid Gown
This lovely piece of white dress has caught my eyes when my sis and I were out shopping at the Gurney Plaza prior to her wedding on the coming weekend. I can honestly tell you that it was the one and only that fits my body so perfectly, as most of them are either too loose or extremely tight. Geez, those tiny-waist dresses really made me feel like I'm an extinct dinosaur living in the 21st century. I adored the design, it's beautiful, but the quality just doesn't live up to the price tag unfortunately.

600 cc Taiwanese Restaurant Gurney Plaza
We had some quick snacks at 600cc Taiwanese Restaurant before dinner. I haven't been here for ages!

600 cc Taiwanese Restaurant Gurney Plaza
Ordered some sort of deep fried yam rolls to try.

600 cc Taiwanese Restaurant Gurney Plaza
To our surprise, the fillings were not yam but purple potato?!! How disappointing... I mean, we are no food experts but at least we can still differentiate the taste between these two.

Pizza Hut Sunrise Penang: Ultimate Cheesy Bites Pizza
Day 1 Bridesmaid Dress Hunting Mission unaccomplished. We went on having Pizza Hut's Ultimate Cheesy Bites Pizza at the Sunrise Tower, Gurney Drive.

Pizza Hut Sunrise Penang: Ultimate Cheesy Bites Pizza
We waited about 45 minutes or so for the pizza to get to our table, while the others who came later than us already got theirs. The explanation from the wait staff was that our order got delivered to the wrong table and a new one has to be baked in 15 minutes. Unhappy though they compensated us a small plate of pasta.

Pizza Hut Sunrise Penang: Garlic Bread
Garlic bread which miraculously looks like a caterpillar to me in this piccie.

Hair Salon Greenland: With Cousin
My little cousin. He's such a poser in front of the camera.

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