Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Little India Singapore: Hotel 81 Dickson and Sakunthalas Indian Restaurant

Singapore Day 1: Little India
The Mass Rapid Transit or MRT made getting around Singapore fairly easy, without too much of walking from one place to another. From Changi Airport's Terminal 3 (CG2), we hopped onto the East West (green) Line, exited at Outram Park (EW16), then switched to North East (purple) Line, and eventually arrived at Little India (NE7).

Singapore Day 1: Little India
Everything about this place is so Indian, the streets, the people, the food, the smell...

Singapore Day 1: Little India
There were heaps of stores selling fresh fruits and veggies along the road side. Check out these cute little baby potatoes and cucumbers here.

Singapore Day 1: Little India
Thanks to one of my kind blog readers, I get to find out the name of these fruits. They're called the Indian Gooseberries, which have a blend between sweet and sour taste.

Singapore Day 1: Perak Road at Little India
We stumbled across "Perak Road" when making our way to the hotel.

Hotel 81 Dickson on Dickson Road. Yes, we're finally there!

Singapore Day 1: Little India
Waiting to check-in at the cozy lobby area.

Singapore Day 1: Hotel 81 Dickson at Little India
It's a standard room with queen sized bed. I guess I'd have to squeeze the bed with my temporarily bf aka my little bro for the following nights ;p

Singapore Day 1: Little India
Bathroom with semi-transparent glass wall, sweet for couples.

Singapore Day 1: Sakunthalas Restaurant at Little India
After quick refreshing showers, we came to Sakunthalas, an Indian restaurant recommended by a local groceries store owner.

Singapore Day 1: Sakunthalas Restaurant at Little India
The meals on its menu were averagely below SGD 10. I've got a tasty fish curry set that comes with rice and few other side dishes for myself. Btw, what's that white milk-ish thing actually for?

Singapore Day 1: Little India
Nom-ing on my second piece of papadam. I want more please!!!

P.S. Beware of the tall Indian "ham sup lou". He purposely touched my hands when collecting the menus from us and intentionally brushed my lap again when putting the platter on my table. Damn his filthy hands!


  1. you really should maybe post vlogs on youtube,:) I am a new reader and find you're site interesting :)

    1. Hi there, thanks heaps for your kind suggestion. I shall take that into my consideration =)

  2. I can see a lot of indian things in your story here :). What is it like the Indian food compare to western food? I never eat any Indian food before..


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