Monday, February 21, 2011

Life Got Better

Sunnybank: Little Hong Kong Restaurant

Just a quickie! My part-time jobs have been keeping me very occupied lately, days and nights... can barely squeeze some time out to update my blog, sorry guys > <" Just so you know, the new job has been treating me pretty well so far with considerably good pay and benefits. And I'm really enjoying myself although it could be a bit boring sometimes ^^ Today's update has zero relation with the food pix above, it was just a Valentine's Eve dinner we had together at the Little Hong Kong, Sunnybank. Til then, take care my dear friends and have fun living your life to the fullest!


  1. Take care, huh. Will always wait for your posts ;).

  2. hey girl, you're working in Little Hong Kong at Sunny Bank? that's so far..

  3. emotionalistic:
    Thanks, dear *hugs*

    Melodii Cheang:
    Hey Mel, my another new job is working at the Grand Central, not Sunnybank, hehe :D

  4. mmm dont know what to comment, every time i come here... u will put a lot delicious food here...

    make me hungry hungry hungry!!!!!
    Think about poor russia food GRrr....

  5. CH Voon:
    swt =.=" but at least you get to eat home-cook fried noodles and curry in Russia? xD


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