Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chinese New Year Day 1: Queen Street and Chinatown

Queen Street Mall Food Court: CNY Day 1

What's everyone doing on the 6th day of Chinese New Year? I assume most of you already snapped back to do whatever you're supposed to be doing (working, studying or doing nothing) by now. The Chinese New Year down under was nothing much but  hanging out with a bunch of close friends and tasting good food in the red-est outfit we've got in our closets. Wait a minute, did you just say that this is the most boring Chinese New Year celebration you've ever heard? Well, we've had worse, trust me =.="

Chinese New Year Day 1: Queen Street and Chinatown

At Queen Street, in the middle of girls shopping...

Chinatown Brisbane: CNY Day 1

After dinner at the La Kasbah, we paid a short visit to the Chinatown, the place where you'd get to enjoy the performance of lion dance,  firecrackers, and Chinese New Year deco.


  1. Guess with Chinatown it will make you feel at home..dress ang ang as far as possible for CNY haha.

  2. BadBoy:
    Miss you too! ;)

    Yeah, it doesn't feel like Chinese New Year at all, when you don't see lots of red color around you.


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