Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On Top of Table Top Mountain Toowoomba (Part II)

Table Top Mountain: Light Body Skill

This is me performing "Light Body Skill" which is also known as Qing Gong “轻功”.

Table Top Mountain: Moment of Victory

Wow, looks like David was slow dancing in the air!

Table Top Mountain: Floating in the Air

Nigel was floating in the air with his hands and legs wide opened.

Table Top Mountain: Sky High

My boi was trying hard to "slam dunk" with no ball in his hands.

Table Top Mountain: Flying Without Wings

Oopsie! Jim was definitely landing too fast...

Table Top Mountain: Failure Attempt

Jojo and David were having difficulty in maintaining body balance.

Table Top Mountain: Peacefully Amused

Hmm, what causes the trails on the ground?

Table Top Mountain: Ready Steady Go

Alright gentlemen, it's time for 100-meter run!!!

Table Top Mountain: Say Bye Bye

We spent quite a long time exploring and taking photos on top of Table Top Mountain.

Table Top Mountain: Bright Smile

Finally, we were back to the starting point again.

Table Top Mountain: Brotherly Hood

The hiking was tiring but well worth it.

Table Top Mountain: Titanic Pose

David and Jim were doing the Titanic pose.

Table Top Mountain: Friendship Forever

Everyone looks great in the group photo.


  1. Nice photos at the mountain! Nobody around there oh! Haha...

  2. Friendship forever...
    you look cute in the 1st picture :)

  3. You guys did great poses. Excellent.

  4. why the grass become brown color?

  5. akira 思胜:
    Thanks, there were quite a lot of locals hiking Table Top Mountain on that particular day actually =P

    beverly's secret:
    *blush* Thanks for saying that! Friendship forever...

    Haha, thank you! It was fun posing in front of the camera.

    Simply because it's winter here!!! =D


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