Monday, October 1, 2012

Long Weekend Getaway: Little Taipei Food Court Sunnybank

Long Weekend Getaway Trip: Little Taipei Food Court
Good morning, October! It's Monday today, I'm feeling no Monday blues but enjoying a long weekend celebrating Mid-Autumn / Mooncake / Latern Festival and the Queen's Birthday here down under. So... did any of yas go for the Brisbane Riverfire Fireworks last Saturday? It saddens me to say that we actually missed out on that one due to some reasons. Oh yeah, we did. Work has been keeping us busy and we deserve a nice, relaxing getaway, pamper ourselves with lots and lots of good food whenever possible.

To all my dearest blog readers, don't be too shocked to see my "new look" in this post. It's just temporary and I wasn't really meant to have my hair curled *gasp* Truth is, there was a miscommunication going on in this Color Rain hair salon where Mr. Choo and I got our haircut.

My hairdresser that day was a Korean, I believe all of them are. The skeptic me tried to explain to her not to cut my hair thin as I don't want to decrease the weight and add more curls on my straight hair. I didn't expect her to misinterpreted what I said to wanting to curl my hair after haircut *poker face* Thus, the story of Auntie Christina getting curly hair and grumbling about it for the rest of the day.

Long Weekend Getaway Trip: Little Taipei Food Court
Mr. Choo's sleeky new look.

Long Weekend Getaway Trip: Little Taipei Food Court
Braised Pork Leg Bento Set which comes with a can of banana flavored cincau / glass jelly drink - $6.80. It was awful and terribly stinking.

Long Weekend Getaway Trip: Little Taipei Food Court
Fried Tofu / Bean Curd - $6.90. The tofu cubes were crispy on the outside, silky soft on the inside, not too oily for a deep-fried dish that goes well with crushed peanut, beansprouts and cucumber shreds. I personally think it'd be lovelier if the gravy was more to salty than sweet.

Long Weekend Getaway Trip: Little Taipei Food Court
Generously portioned Ipoh Hor Fun - $9.90, taste authentic and delicious.

Long Weekend Getaway Trip: Little Taipei Food Court
Ya Hoo Restaurant (口福马来亚餐馆), the source of the Hor Fun and Tofu dishes we ordered, highly recommended to all Malaysian food lovers out there.

Long Weekend Getaway Trip: Little Taipei Food Court
Where is it located? Little Taipei Food Court (小台北大排档饮食中心). It's a little tucked away heaven (up the stairs next to the High Fresh Supermarket) offering a variety of Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean and more. My only complaint was the unbearable noise level in there, it felt as if we were at a night market. Also, it's packed, the dining chairs and tables were way too close for you to move around.

Long Weekend Getaway Trip: Gold Coast
Lunch's fixed! Now, let's search for our next destination...

Long Weekend Getaway Trip: Gold Coast
Gold Coast, here we come!!!

Long Weekend Getaway Trip: New Hairdo
Just hang in there, Christina! You'll get your straight hair back in another day or two.


  1. Aww why are you sad that you have curly hair!? It is sooo pretty :)

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

    1. Thanks, Emilie! I think I looked much more "mature" in curly hair x_x

    2. No way! You look young, girly and cute - not 'mature' at all!

    3. Hahaha xD Thank, Emilie! You just made my day =)


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