Wednesday, July 25, 2012

North Stradbroke Island: Brown Lake and the Red Big Cat

The Stradbroke Island One-Day Tour
Here comes the full-day guided Stradbroke Island tour which I had been yearning for!!! It was 7 a.m. that morning (around 10 degrees or probably lower) when we walked up to the Roma Street bus stop no.125. Short jeans, bikinis, flip flops... The combination sounded ideal for sunshine and beaches, but certainly not at this time of the year. I nearly got myself frozen to death by the cold wind!

The Stradbroke Island: Roma St. Bus Stop 125
Beside ours, there were several other mini tour buses parking there waiting, like the Mystic Mountain Tour, Winery Eco Tour and such.

The Stradbroke Island: Stradbroke Ferries
Stradbroke Ferries. We had a half an hour toilet break at the Raby Bay Harbour, Cleveland while waiting for the Red Big Cat (name of the ferry) to arrive.

The Stradbroke Island: The Straddie Island View Cafe
Did my very last minute shopping at the Stradbroke Island View Cafe and managed to pick up a pair of cheap sunnies. How cheap is cheap? Just $14.95 only =p

The Stradbroke Island: The Big Red Cat Ferry
Definitely no seasick and vomiting on this one.

The Stradbroke Island: The Big Red Cat Ferry
O-M-G!!! It was freeeeezing cold up there!!!

The Stradbroke Island: Brown Lake
Upon arrival, we saw a large and long running sand mine along the coastal area. Did you know that the main product of sand mining is one of the active ingredients in sunscreen? Now, I know!

The Stradbroke Island: Brown Lake
Destination #1: Brown Lake or Lake Bummiera.
Lovely views on the world's second largest sand island.

The Stradbroke Island: Brown Lake
Its true, rich brown color lake water. Amazing isn't it?

The Stradbroke Island: Brown Lake
FYI, it's a type of acid (known as tannin) exuded from surrounding Paperbark and Ti-tree leaves that turns the color of the perched lake brown.

The Stradbroke Island: Brown Lake
Message from the Redland Queensland. Bathers only! 
- NO washing with soaps or detergents. 
- NO littering. 
- NO camping.

The Stradbroke Island: Brown Lake
Mr. Sun been playing hide-and-seek with us throughout the whole trip. One minute he was there and the next he was gone! But still, we felt very grateful that it didn't rain on us.

The Stradbroke Island
Random shot. Trees dressed in green and yellow hues.

The Stradbroke Island: Brown Lake
Spotted a giant ant's nest somewhere.

The Stradbroke Island: Brown Lake
Some of the general warnings, regulations, and life services information given. Next up, I'll be sharing the beautiful ocean views of the Amity Point. Stay tuned, peeps! =)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I would love to do a cool day trip to see the sights around our area of Queensland :)

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

    1. Yeah, Emilie. But I don't think now is the right time to go to the beaches. Sight-seeing in winter clothing maybe? Hehe ^^

    2. At least it wouldn't be as cold as toowoomba along the coast, I am still getting used to the cold winter temperatures (only my second year in toowoomba)

    3. Aha! I'll never get used to the winters here! xD


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