Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday the 13th: The Amazing Spider-Man and More

The Amazing Spider-Man Popcorn Combo
It was a productive day today! I spent the whole morning writing my curriculum vitae (CV) just for this IT job I came across somewhere on the internet. Yes, I'm still hunting for full-time jobs, if that's what you're curious about. I have been sending out my resumes electronically, heaps of them, but only called in for few interviews so far *sigh with disappointment* So I thought maybe my resume and cover letter weren't good enough? I revamped my resume a little, sent out another batch of new applications, and finally, I received a call scheduling for a face-to-face interview next week =)

In the evening, Mr. Choo asked me out for a movie. We haven't really dated each other in a while, let alone watching the big screen in the cinema. He proposed "The Amazing Spider-Man" instead of Christian Bale's The Dark Knight Rises. Question is, should we go for the 2D or 3D? 3D sounds exciting, but 2D was fun too!  I tried hard not to be bias as a supporter of Tobey Maguire, the storyline was indeed touching, similar but not thor-totally (Thor-mania gone viral!!!) same with the one produced in 2002. I think it's better described as a rebooted, more playful version of Spiderman.

The Amazing Spider-Man Popcorn Combo
The Amazing Spider-Man acrylic travel cup we got from the popcorn combo deal.

Red Rooster: Classic Roast Quarter Chicken
Red Rooster's Classic Roast, my most favorite quick-yet-healthy fast food.

Cheezels Australia (Limited Edition)
Never stop lovin' those Cheezels rings!!! #MidnightSnacks

Random Winter Scenery
A random winter scene taken in the city centre. It has been rainy and gloomy these days =3

Some home cooked dishes I made in the kitchen the other day, Deep Fried Whiting Fillets in Sweet Sauce, topped with crispy fried ginger shreds and coriander. Mr. Choo loved it to death! ;p

Home-Cook Red Fermented Vegetarian Dish
Braised Vegetables with Red Fermented Bean Curd. It's one of the popular Chinese New Year dishes, but who says we can only make it during the festive season?!

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