Monday, September 19, 2011

It's the Barbecue Sunday

Barbecue Sunday: Lavender
Sunday is the day on which we take a break from our hectic working lives and spend some quality moment with our beloved friends barbecuing, eating, chit-chating and enjoying life like everybody else. All thanks to Veny and Kevin for making it happen and always treated us as we were part of the family =)

Barbecue Sunday: Outdoor Barbecue
The two gentlemen busy grilling at the patio, while us ladies helping out in the kitchen.

Barbecue Sunday: In The Kitchen
Veny and the baby, making satay chicken skewers.

Barbecue Sunday: In The Kitchen
A special home-made dipping sauce. It's just too "hot" for me to handle.

Barbecue Sunday: Marinated Chicken Wings
Pre-marinated chicken wings.

Barbecue Sunday: In The Kitchen
Colorful fruits, great source of vitamins and minerals.

Barbecue Sunday: Outdoor Barbecue
Yum, they smell good, don't they? I can hear my rumbling tummy screaming for food already.

Barbecue Sunday: Outdoor Barbecue
Tick tock, tick tock...

Barbecue Sunday: Grilled Meat
See what's on the table now =D~

Barbecue Sunday: Veggies
Grilled meat which is perfect to be teamed up with two slices of toast, some green veggies, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chilli sauce.

Barbecue Sunday: Besties
Candid shots of everyone except mine. So the blog owner does have privilege huh? ;p

Barbecue Sunday: Romeo
Romeo looking so cute and innocent here.

Barbecue Sunday: Waterfords Diet Blood Orange
Waterfords Blood Orange flavored soda water recommended by the family. Light and lovely!

Barbecue Sunday: Flowers
Haven't really do any flower shots in quite a while, here's one.

Barbecue Sunday: Groupie
Someone's missing in this groupie. Where is Hana?
Must be sunbathing with my BB's tripod somewhere, LOL~

Barbecue Sunday: Chinese Fried Rice
For dinner, we had Chinese fried rice I prepared using the leftover ingredients from afternoon's barbecue. Then, headed out to Queens Park for the Sideshow Alley and Fireworks (the best we had seen in Toowoomba so far!!!).

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