Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Korean Charcoal BBQ at OBalTan Restaurant Brisbane

O Bal Tan Brisbane: Korean BBQ

After finished dealing with the immigration and shopping at Queen Street, we were here at the O Bal Tan Korean Restaurant to after its mouth-watering charcoal barbecue, remembering how tasty the food was last time. We sat down, relaxed, spent our own sweet time to chat and slowly savour all the food we had on the table in three long hours.

O Bal Tan Brisbane: Korean BBQ

We ordered combination again but with cha dol, intercostal, pork belly, and chicken this time.

O Bal Tan Brisbane: Korean BBQ

I had two plates of them kimchi, couldn't help it really xD

O Bal Tan Brisbane: Korean BBQ

What we did was charcoal barbecued the pork belly til the skin was golden and crispy as "Siu Yuk", yum!~

O Bal Tan Brisbane: Korean BBQ

Slowing becoming "Bak Kua".

O Bal Tan Brisbane: Korean BBQ

Didn't quite like the mashed potato thingy cause it was a bit too creamy for me...
My boi liked it though =.="

O Bal Tan Brisbane: Korean BBQ

Thinking of having a cuppa or something afterwards.

Sweet Dessert Shop Sunnybank: Soy Custurd & Red Bean

Though we were both very full, but still able to squeeze out a little room for a warm bowl of Soy Custurd & Red Bean dessert in Sunnybank.

Address: 91 Elizabeth St, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia
Contact: (07) 3211 1469

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