Monday, April 20, 2009

Jim Beam Ford V8 Supercars Bottle Holder

Jim Beam: CNC Machine Tools

Just a few weeks ago, my boi has bought himself a Jim Beam V-Power Racing car from Dan Murphy's, Toowoomba. The metal liquor bottle holder is hollow inside, containing a 700ml bottle of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (2008 Limited Edition). There are advertisements of V8 Supercars Australia scattered all over its body, which includes Dunlop, Mustang, Coca-Cola, Waverly, Shell Helix, and more. The story of Steven Johnson (no. 17) and Will Davison (no. 18) is also being covered on the bottle's label.

Jim Beam: CNC Machine Tools

Jim Beam: CNC Machine Tools

Jim Beam: CNC Machine Tools


  1. Yup, it's limited edition I think =D

  2. Looking for this one with a full bottle inside.

    1. Have one with full unopened bottle.Located in Traralgon vic.0437540939

  3. whiskeyminis:
    Hi there, we got it from Dan Murphy's, but I'm not sure if they still have this in their stores.


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