Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Surprise For The Two of Us

Happy Snapping in Blue
Blue~ reminds me of Monday, which is just tomorrow if I must remind you =.=" Mondays may not be my most favorite days of the week, but the color blue doubtlessly is my obsession this summer, from pastel to navy blue.

I'm surprised how much my wardrobe has grown and changed throughout the past few years. There are some clothes I used to like (I had really bad taste in clothes back then) left sitting in my wardrobe, basically just collecting dust *guilty* I rarely or don't wear them anymore, but then I feel bad to just give them away.

I even talked myself into believing that I would still wear them sometimes when I'm home, turns out, that's not exactly the case. So I spring-cleaned my wardrobe a couple of days ago, packed away those unwanted ones and bid goodbyes.

Now, our Valentine's Day surprise... Don't you wanna see what have we got for each other? Hehe

Happy Snapping in Blue
Me looking silly in the mirror. I was bored =p

Valentine's Surpris: Armani Exchange Men's Watch and Heart Chocolate
Valentine's surprise FOR him. 
Hamlet's Love gift box filled with an assortment of heart-shaped milk, white and dark Belgian chocolates, and a fashionable timepiece from AX Armani Exchange.

Valentine's Surprise: Blue Boxes from Tiffany & Co
Valentine's surprise FROM him.
No chocolates, no roses but two little blue boxes from Tiffany, my first and second ♥

Happy Snapping in Blue
Days later? I'm still unable to subside my excitement!

Happy Snapping in Blue
Uber happy!

Happy Snapping in Blue
Uber uber happy! Thank you, Mr. Choo!!! xoxo

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