Thursday, February 7, 2013

Glamorous Wok: Loving My New Hair Color

Glamorous Wok Sunnybank
So, I did the first wash on my newly colored hair yesterday. The feeling was not pleasant, at all. It felt like shampoo-ing and rubbing Barbie Doll's hair, just plain rough and dry *teary eyes* Beauty comes at a price, I believe everything does. And I'm gonna have to deal with the consequence, both goods and bads until the roots fully grow out.

Last Sunday, we made a special trip down to Brisbane. Our main intention was to shop for Valentine's Day pressies for each other (will update yas soon, hehe~), apart from getting my hair dyed and trimmed. It's exactly one week away, if you're counting... Oh, wait a minute, Chinese New Year is even closer to us! This coming weekend!!!

We'll spend the Spring festival with our close friends here instead of our families far apart. What about yas? I bet most of you must be busy stocking up on new year items, baking new year biscuits and cookies, shopping for new year clothes and etc. Gosh, how I miss my family so terribly! I feel sorry for not being able to be around them at this time of the year, I truly am ='(

Anyways, I try not to make this post too wordy or depressing for you. I've got stories to tell, but I'm sure you'd be more keen to see some pictures and the food we had at Glamorous Wok Sunnybank than reading my emotional rants now.

We bumped into Adam and his friends in the restaurant by chance! Such a small world...

Glamorous Wok Sunnybank
I ordered Longan & Red Date Tea (桂圆红枣茶) again this time, $4.70 for a big pot. Mr. Choo, however, got himself a large Pearl Milk Tea (招牌珍珠奶茶) -$5. Both were equally lovely with the right dose of sweetness in them.

Glamorous Wok Sunnybank
Dish #1. Steamed Marble Goby with Cordia Seeds (树子蒸虱目鱼) -$28, boneless and delicious.

Glamorous Wok Sunnybank
I think I'm falling for it ♥ My new hair color.

Glamorous Wok Sunnybank
Dish #2. Taiwanese Salted Crispy Chicken (台湾盐酥鸡). Only $8 per serve, very well worth it!

Glamorous Wok Sunnybank
Dish #3. Sizzling Tofu and Fresh Oyster (铁板豆腐鲜蚵) -$19. None of us liked it. Seriously, the "oyster smell" was too strong to cope with.

Glamorous Wok Sunnybank 
How should I spend my day off tomorrow? Still undecided but we'll see... Good night, peeps! ;-)

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