Friday, November 23, 2012

A Peep Through iPhone

A quick update from me on a dont-feel-like-doing-anything Friday afternoon. Photos shot using iPhone, probably one or two weeks old the oldest. Sorry peeps, my social life is almost zero (sounds horrible I know) since I started working on Saturdays. 

Photo of the Day: Food Court
Caught myself red-handed!!! Oh dear KFC, I hate that you made me love you and break my promise, over and over again =/

Home Cooked Malaysian Dishes
Mr. Choo and I were lovingly invited to a "Penang Cafe Lunch" a couple of weeks ago at our friends' place. It's amazing how much effort was put in by the hubby and wifey just to prepare these mouth-watering dishes on the table for us. The side ingredients for Penang Asam Laksa: Mint leaves, pineapple and cucumber shreds, cut chillies and onions, and hard boiled egg (fusion of Chinese and Malay styles).

Home Cooked Malaysian Dishes
Ready to pour the Laksa soup all over it! *excited*

Home Cooked Malaysian Dishes
Tada!!! A hot and warming bowl of Penang Asam Laksa which tasted absolutely authentic. Even perfect if we could get our hands on Torch Ginger Flower (姜花).

Home Cooked Malaysian Dishes
Watermelon for after-meal dessert.

Home Cooked Malaysian Dishes
Rojak with mix fruits, cucumber and dried tofu, yum~ yum~ We continued to spend the rest of our afternoon watching "Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes" with the family that day over some delicious home-made cookies and coffees. Thank you!

Photo of the Day: Coke 1985
Ssshhh.... Please tell me you don't understand the meaning of this *roll eyes and whistle*

Instragram Photo: Coke 1985
Share a coke and a song from 1985. I checked the list but there was none that I've heard before, ain't no fan of oldies music =x

Instragram Photo: Mini Oreos
Finally, mini Oreo in snack packs. As tiny as a ten-cent coin.

Instragram Photo: Jacarandas
Jacarandas along Hursley Road, near Clifford Park Racecourse. Breath taking ❤

Home Cooked Malaysian Dishes
#1. Sambal Kangkung with Prawns.
It's a shame that I only have time to cook on the weekends nowadays.

Home Cooked Malaysian Dishes
#2. Tofu with Oyster Sauce.

Home Cooked Malaysian Dishes
#3. Stir Fried Garlic Shoots with Pork Mince in Salted Soybean Paste.
That's all for today. Gotta head off to work soon, have a nice weekend!


  1. aaaah, this post has totally made me hungry!

    KFC is the devil, I swear. You eat it once and you want it again.
    Well, in my case.

    1. Wicked wings and chippes are all I'm thinking now xD

  2. the jacaranda photo is awesome!

    1. Thanks, Haan! Not much of the flowers left on the trees now... which indirectly means summer is making its approach. Argh, the summer heat!!!


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