Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Only Free Day

It's the weekend, the end of a weekend to be precise. I spent my only free day shopping, cooking, did laundry and whatever things that I needed to do today.

Working life is pretty much filled with dullness and boredom, don't you think? Especially when you contribute most of your time, even Saturdays, working like a mad cow just for the sake of "kaching" – Yes, the evil dollars!

I haven't taken much photos lately, none with a decent camera. So for the time being, here's what I could offer you best. A bunch of random images from my iPhone, with love ♥

Highlights of the Week
Went shopping this afternoon, tried on a couple of outfits. Outfit #1.⌧

Highlights of the Week
Outfit #2. ☑ Summer is approaching... Meaning, it's time to shake off those excess fats on my body. Less food, workout, and definitely more workout. You wouldn't believe what I ate for snack after posted this photo on my Facebook. KFC's wicked wings, all 3 of them, haha xD The beginning is always the hardest. True enough.

Highlights of the Week
Coffee with workmate on one fine afternoon. I had a real thick cup of Vienna which ended up upsetting my stomach for the rest of the day. Okay lady, no more coffee for you next time! Not before, during, or after meal.

Highlights of the Week
The barramundi I nom-ed. Oven-baked on the inside, pan-fried on the outside. Not too bad for a $14 dish at the Star Cafe.

Highlights of the Week
Some of the home-cook dishes we prepared on same day last week. Stir Fried Broccoli and Carrot with Ginger and Garlic, the most yummylicious Deep Fried Pink Ling in Kung Pao Sauce, and Mr Choo's Steamed Chinese Sausages.

Highlights of the Week
Tomorrow is Monday again... How I wish it could be forever Sunday everyday but wake up, Christina! 'Cause it's not happening and it never ever will =s

P.S. Happy Deepavali in advance to those who are celebrating and have fun working to myself.

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