Friday, February 7, 2014

Feel Fresh with Air Wick Filter & Fresh and Multicolor Black Edition Candle

Airwick Filter & Fresh
First of all, "Gong Xi Fa Cai" and "Happy Chinese New Year" to everyone who's celebrating CNY out there!!! It was 年初七 aka 人日 (literally means Human Day) yesterday. How's everyone going? Still in holiday mood and feeling reluctant to go back to where you're supposed to be doing I guess.

I pigged out a lot recently. Not because of the new year cookies or snacks I tried hard to avoid, but during my two-week stay in Sydney. Mr. Choo fed me too much potatoes, way too much potatoes!!! Damn those delicious potatoes =______________=

Sydney was awesome! I could image myself settling down in a city like that. Bondi Junction, Darling Harbour... Not to mention, Bella. I missed that little furball a lot *sniff sniff* She makes me wanna keep a pet dog even more.

When I was in Sydney, I received a parcel from Air Wick Australia a couple of days just after my arrival. Surprise, surprise! It's the newly launched Air Wick Filter & Fresh air freshener and Multicolor Black Edition candle which I will talk about in my blog post today.

Airwick Filter & Fresh
Unlike the battery operated Air Wick Odour Detect we used back then, Air Wick Filter & Fresh comes with a power plug. Simply plug in and turn it on to enjoy your choice of Air Wick fragrances

The Tropical Lagoon & Hibiscus Flower scent smells as if you were surrounded by a garden of flowers, very summer-feel. There are also French Lavender & Shimmering Waters, and Citrus Orange & Ocean Energy to choose from, with adjustable intensity settings on white or sandstone Air Wick Filter & Fresh to suit your liking and home design.

Airwick Filter & Fresh
Air Wick Filter & Fresh works in three easy steps:

1. Breathes in bad odours via a powered fan.
2. The Odourtrap charcoal filter traps the bad odours.
3. Breathes out a signature Air Wick fragrance.

Airwick Filter & Fresh
That's the Multicolor Black Edition Crackling Fire & Cinnamon Spice candle in my hand, perfect for a relaxing bubble bath after a long day. See how anxious our cute little photobomber was to join me! Hahaha xD

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